Script Phase 90 AND Univibe both in one pedal!
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Switchable Univibe & Phase 90 in one pedal (for the price of one!) with all top quality components, TRUE BYPASS CONSTRUCTION, effect on/off led (which the original didn't have), all hand soldered, internal trim pot, power jack or battery power, 6 op amp layout with 4 matched JFETS (just like original Phase 90), quiet operation, high quality cast aluminum chassis, very simple to operate: speed control on right and mix control on left (another bonus feature the original was lacking!) and the final kicker: flick the mini toggle UP and dial in your favorite Univibe tones, this pedal really is the best of both worlds, whether it be phase 90, 100, EVH, Rotovibe or even Leslie tones that you are after, this unit will do them all at a FRACTION of what other "boutique" builders are selling them for!

Just a handmade boutique phaser OR univibe alone could sell for hundreds of dollars, this one sells for less then that and you get BOTH!!! AUDIO/VIDEO DEMO HERE:

None of the reissues on the market now come even close to the "lushness" of the sound of this pedal, not to mention it's versatility and the quality of construction, and we all know how much the originals sell for, but then you are paying big $$$ for something that has been kicked around on a floor for 30+ years! This pedal appeals to the tone freak in us all, beautiful sounds at a great price built to last for a long, long time! As you can see in the picture this pedal has no markings or writing on it, feel free to email me about custom colors or anything like that, I felt its best to leave more of a blank canvas, you can decorate it any way you wish (or not at all!), its your pedal! I ship with full instructions and also offer a satisfaction guaranteed full return policy, if you don't like the pedal (whats not to like...) you may return it for a refund, doesn't get much better then that!

Script Phase 90 AND Univibe both in one pedal!

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