Octavia Octave Fuzz AND Non Octave Fuzz both in one pedal!
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This is a VERY cool item, 2 of the most classic, distinctive fuzz tones in one pedal with Germanium diodes, true bypass switching, stable silicon transistors, all top quality components, hand soldered, standard 9 volt Boss style power jack or 9 volt battery power, quiet operation, high quality cast aluminum chassis, very simple to operate: volume control on left, fuzz/intensity on right, toggle switch to choose between classic Fuzz (up) or Octave Fuzz (down)....outrageous tone for days!!! Handmade boutique pedals like these can cost hundreds of dollars a PIECE, here you are getting 2 for (less than) the price of one!!!

Heres the scoop: with the toggle switch up its your classic silicon style Fuzz pedal, very stable (not temperature sensitive like Germanium transistor fuzzes), super responsive to your guitar volume, turn up for extreme fuzziness, roll back your volume for fat overdrive tones, Purple Haze to your hearts content, amazing range of tones you can squeeze out of a fuzz circuit like this!!!

Now, put the toggle switch into the down position and hold on to your hat, you have just crossed over into the Tycobrahe Octavia territory (thats the one this circuit is based on), this pedal NAILS that classic "Band of Gypsy's" tone perfectly, a true 'Holy Grail' of Octave Fuzz!!!

I ship with full instructions and also offer a full return policy, if you don't like the pedal (whats not to like...) you may return it for a refund, doesn't get much better then that!

Octavia Octave Fuzz AND Non Octave Fuzz both in one pedal!

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