Germanium MKII ToneBender AND Fuzz Face both in ONE pedal!
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Jimmy & Jimi fuzzes in one pedal! 2 of the most classic, distinctive fuzz units in one pedal with hand selected germanium transistors, true bypass switching, all top quality components, hand soldered, internal bias pot, power jack or battery power, quiet operation, high quality cast aluminum chassis, very simple to operate: volume control on left, fuzz on right, toggle switch to choose between Fuzz Face (up) or Tone Bender (down)....outrageous tone for days!!!

Handmade boutique pedals like these can cost hundreds of dollars a PIECE, here you are getting 2 for (less than) the price of one!!! AUDIO VIDEO DEMO HERE:

Heres the scoop: with the toggle switch up its your classic germanium Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face, this is THE Jimi tone that we all know and love, super responsive to your guitar volume, turn up for extreme fuzziness, roll back your volume for sweet overdrive tones, Purple Haze to your hearts content, amazing range of tones you can squeeze out of a true fuzzface circuit like this!!! Now, put the toggle switch into the down position and hold on to your hat, you have just crossed over into the Solasound Tonebender Mark 2 territory, this is like a fuzz face on steroids, gobs of super thick fuzz powered by 3 hand picked germanium transistors, this is the legendary tone heard from Jeff Beck and on the first few Led Zeppelin albums, even at low levels this will give you INSTANT sustain and controllable feedback on command, a truly amazing sounding fuzz! Unlike many other fuzz units this pedal is FAR from being a one trick pony, the internal bias pot lets you fine tune the character of the fuzz, from squawky, nasty tones to more smoother overdrive, especially in the Fuzz Face mode where you can pretty much leave the pedal on and use your guitar volume to roll back and clean up your sound (Hendrix often did!), very versatile, the more you play with it the more amazing tones you will discover!

I ship with full instructions and also offer a full return policy, if you don't like the pedal (whats not to like...) you may return it for a full refund, doesn't get much better then that!

Germanium MKII ToneBender AND Fuzz Face both in ONE pedal!

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