Dovetailed Pine oversized replacement cab for Fender Blues Jr
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GREATLY improve the tone of your Blues Jr by putting it in a solid dovetailed pine OVERSIZED cab!!!

This is a custom built in the USA SOLID PINE and FULLY DOVETAILED amp cab for a Fender Blues Junior. tHIS CABINET IS BUILT TO THE SAME EXACT SPECS AS A FENDER HOT ROD DELUXE, (11X17.75X23.5 inches) but cutout so that the Fender Blues Jr chassis, speaker, reverb tank etc etc will all easily mount to this cab: all holes are drilled, its all here, just swap your chassis, speaker and reverb tank over to this cab and you are in for a whole new world of amazing tone! Everyone knows how great the Blues Jr amp is but they put this all tube tone machine in a shoddy plywood/particle board cabinet which literally sucks the tone out of it...problem SOLVED with this cab, this is HANDMADE of SOLID PINE, all dovetailed jointed with a very nice antiqued finish and lots of rustic character, also features a real vintage styled Fender leather handle and oxblood tweed grillcloth!!! All the best vintage cabs were made of solid pine, but Fender doesn't use pine on their more affordable amps these days to keep cost down, unfortunately it also keeps the true tone of these amps from shining through.
Not only does it look beautiful but the tone is AMAZING, the cabinet material makes all the difference in the world, EVERYONE will be jealous of your amps looks and tone!!! This cabinet was built in the USA by a Master Carpenter with over 40 years of woodworking/cabinet making experience, it is built to the same exact size as the stock Hot Rod Deluxe cab, the dovetail joints are very labor intensive but the finished product is worth it, they are very attractive and allow this whole cabinet to be constructed with NO screws or nails, this whole cab resonates as one piece of wood, you simply can't beat that!!! This unit comes all ready to simply swap your speaker, amp chassis and reverb tank into, after you swap you can probably even fetch up to $200 for your old empty Fender Blues Junior cab on EBAY or wherever(trust me, you won't want it anymore when you see how good this looks and hear how good it sounds!). This is a GREAT deal for the money, truly a one of a kind cab!!!

Dovetailed Pine oversized replacement cab for Fender Blues Jr

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