Deluxe Metal Volume Box Guitar Amp Attenuator
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Every guitar player should have one of these handy devices in their trick bag. Carl's Custom Guitars is the original manufacturer/seller of the Volume Box devices, I have been selling them since 1998 with over 15000 sold and have a full moneyback satisfaction guarantee (nothing to risk here), thank you!!!

The Volume Box lets you expand the range of usable volume of your amp and dial in much more "open" and "driven tube" tones at lower/ more manageable volumes (without driving your neighbors crazy!). A great way to discover a whole new range of tones on your amplifier!
The Volume Box adds another much more responsive and manageable audio taper volume control into the circuit of your amp by simply plugging in into the effects loop, no mods required whatsoever and no danger of harming your amplifier. It solves the problem of an EXTREMELY touchy volume knob on your amp, you know what I mean: zero has no volume but 1 or 2 is already MUCH too loud. The Volume Box takes care of that with its nice smooth Audio Taper Control, DEFINITELY the most cost effective investment you can make for your amp!

We all know that all tube amps sound AMAZING when cranked WAY up so that the tubes are really being pushed, but you just can't get that sound at lower volumes right? This simple little box addresses that problem without performing ANY modifications to the amp at all!!! Simply plug it into the effect loop on your amp (thats the preamp out and power amp in jacks, you need a series effects loop for this device, it does not go between amp and speaker) and turn the amp volume up as high as you want, then adjust the overall volume with the volume box...this allows you to get more of that full blown open tube tone at nice safe levels, it really works great! Works on all amplifiers (tube and solid state even) with a standard (series) effects loop regardless of ohm load/power rating/impedance!

Many players are using these boxes as their secret weapon to dial in that pure tube tone at reasonable levels for VERY little money, works great live, at home, in the studio, wherever! This box is made of super strong die cast aluminum, I use all quality components, very well made and absolutely WILL NOT HURT YOUR AMP! Yes you CAN still use your effects loop for other devices while using the Volume Box, just be sure to place the Volume Box last in the loop and everything will work just fine! Box is very simple to use, no batteries to change or anything like that, just plug and play!!! This is the best bang for the buck you will ever get for your amp, what a deal!!! Cables not included, full moneyback satisfaction guarantee, thanks!!!

Deluxe Metal Volume Box Guitar Amp Attenuator

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