Carl's Custom Yngwie Malmsteen inspired Stratocaster-style
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Fond of Fender's Yngwie signature Strat but can't swing the HEAVY price tag? Here's a very realistic QUALITY alternative that won't break the bank, has many of the same features and comes with full moneyback satisfaction guarantee. This is NOT an actual Fender or Squier guitar but a quality handcrafted instrument made in USA by Carl's Custom Guitars, features a super nice Fender Licensed Allparts LMF-SC neck and alder body with that classic creamy vintage white finish Yngwie (as well as Ritchie Blackmore, Jimi Hendrix and Robin Trower) made famous. This neck has a factory scallop job, with full finish over the scalloped board, not some home-grown done-on-a-drillpress hackjob you sometimes see online. The LMF-SC neck oozes style, has that classic CBS era big headstock design with bullet truss rod adjustment and skunk stripe on back. This neck alone retails for $485 from Allparts, go check for yourself (if you are interested in the loaded neck I can sell one for just $450, that includes the Yngwie Brass Nut and Fender F-tuners and string tree installed). Other features include an authentic Fender Yngwie Malmsteen brass nut, Fender F-tuners (both found on the Fender Yngwie Strats), classic 6 point bridge with the stamped steel saddles and FULL SIZE block, AWESOME GFS Vintage Alnico Stagger pickups, guitar is fully professionally setup, it looks, sounds and plays amazing. These pickups are capable of an incredibly wide range of tones, have all those classic "Wind Cries Mary" tones and handle overdrive and distortion equally as well. Very well respected builder with well over 20 years in the business and once again all of my products have a full moneyback satisfaction guarantee so never any risk here. I ship fully insured USPS Priority, would love to make this guitar YOURS, thank you -Carl

Carl's Custom Yngwie Malmsteen inspired Stratocaster-style

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